RESECT Overview

Transurethral REsection and Single instillation intra-vesical chemotherapy Evaluation in bladder Cancer Treatment (RESECT) Improving quality in TURBT surgery.
RESECT is a new GLOBAL prospective multi-centre international observational study starting in 2020.

Key personnel involved in RESECT:

Lead trainees – Mr Kevin Gallagher and Miss Nikita Bhatt

Chief Investigator – Mr Veeru Kasivisvanathan (BURST Chair, Academic Clinical Lecturer in Uro-Oncology, University College London, London)

Core team members – Mr Keiran Clement, Miss Eleanor Zimmermann, Mr Taimur Shah, Mr Sinan Khadhouri, Miss Meghana Kulkarni, Dr Chuanyu Gao, Dr Chon Meng Lam, Dr Alexander Light, Miss Keerthanaa Jayaraajan, Miss Aqua Asif, Dr Thineskrishna Anbarasan, Mr Vinson Chan

Steering group members – Dr Steven MacLennan (Research Fellow, University of Aberdeen), Mr Param Mariappan (Consultant Urologist, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh), Mr Tim O’Brien (Consultant Urologist, Guy’s and St Thomas’, London), Professor Matthew Nielsen, University of North Carolina, USA.

Patient and Public involvement – Jacqueline Emkes, Rachel Jury

RESECT Study Sponsors

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