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RESECT Authorship Requirements

The lead collaborator will take overall responsibility for delivery and administration of the study at their site. One lead collaborator undertakes the site registration and is listed on the main site registration form. The lead collaborator adds additional collaborators, who then confirm their participation.

We accept there will be a wide variation in the size/ volume of sites and therefore we are able to recognise one co-lead collaborator in the following circumstance:

  1. To be fair on other sites with one lead collaborator, any site with a co-lead will need a special status of a high volume center to be able to accommodate the additional lead. For this reason, the designation of co-lead will only be accepted if your site is predicted to recruit more than 100 patients in total (inclusive of retrospective and prospective arms). If your site ultimately recruits less than 90 patients, we will not be able to honour the agreement of accepting a co-lead from your site.

  2. The lead still takes overall responsibility for delivery but co-lead gives recognition to a second person who may have contributed a lot to the overall success of a site. Please read the authorship policy document as the designation of a co-lead collaborator does not change the principles of allocation of authorship for any publications, this is explained in detail in the authorship policy document available above.

  3. To designate a co-lead collaborator, go back to your collaborator registration page,(this is accessed via the unique link that was sent to the lead collaborator in an email after registration and/or any collaborator who confirmed their registration). You will see there is now a field against each additional collaborator asking to designate co-lead yes/no. At the end of the study, we will check the number of records your site submitted and either honour the co-lead designation or not dependent on the number of records.

Please click here to access calculator to determine minimimum number of cases needed

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