RESECT Overview

Transurethral REsection and Single instillation intra-vesical chemotherapy Evaluation in bladder Cancer Treatment (RESECT) Improving quality in TURBT surgery.

Registration FAQs

Who should formally register my hospital site? How should site collaborators be registered?

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The “lead collaborator” should complete the formal hospital registration and add other site collaborators to the formal registration form. The other site collaborators will then receive emails asking them to confirm their involvement in RESECT.

What is the difference between collaborator registration and surgeon registration?

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The collaborator registration and the surgeon registration have different purposes and are done on different forms. For collaborator registration, collaborators should be added if: (1) they will require REDCap access for data entry, or, (2) they will be listed as authors. Everyone added to the collaborators page will be given redcap access and this information will be used to track the number of authors from each site. When collaborators receive their REDCap login details, there will be a separate area to log the details of the surgeons who do the TURBTs. The surgeons doing TURBTs may or may not overlap with some of the collaborators entering data, but all surgeons doing TURBTs need a record in the surgeon registration project.

Click here to view the video explaining how to navigate the surgeon registration.

How do I get access to my site registration form/ collaborator registration form or approvals upload form?

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When the lead collaborator completes the hospital registration form they were emailed links to all of the forms. If the lead collaborator cannot find the links, they should search their email inbox for emails from or emails from an address. If they still can’t find the links then email us at and we will resend them back to you.

What if I forget which surgeon is which code/I was not the person who registered the surgeon and so I don’t know the identifier?

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You should keep a key at your hospital linking the surgeon ID code to each surgeon. You can use the other weak identifiers in the database to confirm which surgeon is which (initials, years experience etc). If you still are not sure then please watch THIS video on our website which explains it in detail.

We have multiple hospitals in the same geographical area and the urologists in our area perform TURBTs at more than one site, does this affect our RESECT registration?

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Whether or not you register hospitals that are within the same area and have some sort of association with each other as one site or multiple sites depends on a few details - please see the flowchart below, but note, for each site the minimum requirement of cases is needed:

The only requirement is that the number of TURBTs at each site reaches the minimum requirement for authorship as per the RESECT protocol. The same urologists operating at more than one hospital is not an issue as long as the TURBT data itself is not duplicated.

When will I receive my REDCap login to enter data from our site for the RESECT study?

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The login details for REDCap will be sent out in due course. Please note this will not be sent out immediately after completion of the formal hospital registration form. Initially only the surgeon registration project will be available and then later the patient project.

Authorship Requirements FAQs

How many authors can we have for the minimum requirement? (25 retrospective/ 25 prospective).

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Please review the authorship requirement diagram:

More than 1 of our collaborators is a consultant/ attending, how do they fit into the authorship requirements?

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One consultant/ attending / permanent staff member will be required as the supervisor at every site. Any additional consultants will be treated the same as collaborators for the purposes of authorship requirement - the total number of authors is what matters.

Please click here to access calculator to determine minimimum number of cases needed

We have more recurrent tumour TURBTs than new tumour TURBTs at our hospital, how do we include enough new tumour TURBTs if we have to include consecutive cases?

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Consecutive cases apply separately to new tumour TURBTs and recurrent tumour TURBTs. You should split the TURBTs into these two groups and then count back consecutive cases separately within the groups. So you may find to get 20 consecutive new tumour TURBTs you have to go back 3 months, but to get 5 consecutive recurrent tumour TURBTs you only have to go back 2 weeks. You can submit all cases as new tumour TURBTs if you wish.

What happens if we ask to add more than one participating additional team member beyond the standard 3 (2 collaborators and 1 supervising consultant) but then do not quite meet the new recruitment target?

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In this case, unfortunately, you will be asked to remove the additional team members from the authorship recognition until the number of collaborators matches the recruitment expected.

Protocol FAQs

Is the list of variables/data dictionary from the REDCap database design available?

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Currently (February 2021) the full data dictionary is not available. The types of data along with the limit of identifiability or the “smallest group to which a patient can be identified” is explained in the study protocol which is available on the website. This has been adequate for the majority of sites to gain approvals. If you need additional information we are happy to discuss if you email us.

For the retrospective phase, is there a date limit for how far back the TURBT procedures can go?

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As many retrospective cases as one wishes can be submitted (minimum 25) however there must be at least as many retrospective cases as prospective and 80% must be new/ first TURBTs in patients who have never had NMIBC before. Collaborators can go back as far as they want/ need to in order to fulfil this requirement but the cases must be consecutive.

Should patients undergoing re-resection be excluded?

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Planned re-resection cannot be the index procedure (i.e. the procedure for which the quality assessment is done). But you could go back and include the original TURBT as the index procedure for this patient. The index procedure must be the first TURBT for a new tumour. 80% of these must be in patients who have never had NMIBC before, 20% can be in people who have had it before. Details of both the index and re-TURBT will be recorded in the database under the same patient record.

Surgical residents/registrars often perform the TURBT rather than the consultant – how should these be reported?

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There will be a very clear section in the database where details of the grade/rank of the person doing the surgery is recorded along with level of supervision. Details (anonymous) of the responsible consultant and trainee will be recorded. All TURBTs meeting the eligibility criteria at a hospital must be included regardless of the person doing the procedure.

Please also make sure that any surgeons who do perform the TURBT have a surgeon record created for them in Redcap even if they didn’t have one created at the start of the project. Please see the explanatory video on surgeon registration for more information.

Our hospital performs TURBTs but patient’s do not receive follow up at our hospital, is my hospital eligible to participate in RESECT?

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We encourage you to obtain information about your patient’s first check cystoscopy even if it is not done at your hospital. This would be ethically appropriate since it is appropriate that a surgeon would seek to obtain this information about his own patients in order to audit their practice. If it is not possible for you to obtain this information you can still take part but please email us to discuss.

Approvals FAQs

Is there a consent form for RESECT?

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RESECT is an observational audit of routine practice and as such does not constitute human subjects research therefore consent is not required.

Is there a deadline for receiving ethical approval from my hospital?

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There is no specific deadline for obtaining audit approval. We encourage that approval is obtained as soon as possible to allow for sufficient time to collect data for the study. You cannot upload any patient data until audit approval, waivers of approval or a confirmation statement from the lead collaborator along with a signature have been added to your site’s approvals page.


My audit department has closed due to Covid, can I proceed with the study?

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In the absence of an audit department to provide approval, if you have reviewed the audit and data governance requirements at your hospital for this type of observational audit and are happy that all of the conditions are met, the clinical lead of the department should be able to provide authorization to undertake the audit. Other sites have simply uploaded an email trail to this effect.

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the number of TURBT procedures performed at our hospital – can you advise what numbers we should give when asked about: 1) how many NEW/FIRST TURBTs are conducted each week? 2) how many TURBTs for RECURRENT bladder tumours are conducted in your hospital each week?

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The number of TURBTs performed should reflect the study period that you are collecting data for. For example, this might be June to December 2020 for the retrospective phase and February to December 2021 for the prospective phase. We accept case numbers are highly variable due to the COVID-19 pandemic - the reason we ask for this information is so that we can gauge a general impression of which centres are low/mid/high volume.

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