The Investigation and DEtection of urological Neoplasia in paTIents reFerred with suspected urinary tract cancer: A multicentre analYsis (IDENTIFY)
IDENTIFY has stopped recruiting new sites and is in the final period of data collection

Key personnel involved in IDENTIFY:

Lead trainee – Mr Sinan Khadhouri

Key committee members – Mr Matt Jeffries, Mr Taimur Shah, Mr Arjun Nambiar, Mr Kenneth MacKenzie, Mr Kevin Gallagher, Mr Eric Edison, Miss Eleanor Zimmermann, Mr Chuanyu Gao, Ms Lynsey Williams, Mr Sacha Moore.

Key project supervisors – Mr John McGrath (BAUS Academic Section President, Consultant Urological Surgeon (Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Trust, Honorary Senior Lecturer (University of Exeter Medical School, Cancer Lead – SW NHS Genomic Medicine Centre) & Mr Veeru Kasivisvanathan (BURST Co-chair, NIHR Doctoral Fellow and Urology SpR University College London & UCLH, BAUS Academic Section Committee)

BURST advisors – Professor Mark Emberton, Professor Hashim Ahmed, Mr Ben Challacombe, Professor Robert Pickard

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