FIX-IT Overview


On behalf of the BURST (British Urology Researchers in Training) research collaborative, we’d like to announce an excellent opportunity to become involved with one of our upcoming projects.

Given the lack of British, European or American guidelines regarding the technical conduct of scrotal exploration (based on a BURST systematic review in peer review) and the lack of evidence of best approach available, we aim to produce an expert BURST-BAUS consensus-based guideline on the acceptable performance of scrotal exploration.

The group taking part in the consensus process include andrologists, adult urologists, paediatric urologists and trainees to establish best practice in surgical approach for exploration for suspected testicular torsion, given the absence of high-level evidence.

The consensus process will take place in late 2020 and the results are planned for publication in 2021. This will hopefully be a useful and interesting piece of work for surgeons in various specialities.

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