COVIDSurg-Cancer Urology Overview

COVIDSurg-Cancer Urology

The COVIDSurg-Cancer Urology project is a joint venture between COVIDSurg and BURST (Collaboration). Our two collaboratives are aiming to investigate the outcomes of urological cancer surgery during the COVID pandemic.

30 day outcomes


To describe the 30-day morbidity and mortality for patients operated on during the pandemic with and without a concurrent COVID-19 infection.


We collected data from nearly 2000 patients across 36 countries with an even spread of cancer type. The results of this study are currently being analysed and a paper should be published in due course. A snapshot of our results can be seen below.

Follow-up outcomes


To compare oncological outcomes for patients who did and did not have a delay to their surgery with kidney, bladder and prostate cancer.


Data collection for the follow-up project which started in March 2021 has now been locked for the first year. Around 1,500 patients have been prospectively entered into the database across all sub-speciality cancer types. We are currently analysing this year one data and we hope to publish the results soon. Furthermore, for patients with kidney and bladder cancer we are continuing our data collection period for a further 2 years.

We’d like to thank The Urology Foundation for supporting us to carry out this work.

COVID-19 has presented unique challenges and areas of interest in the management and pathway of cancer patients. We now need your help to explore this unique patient group that may have had surgery delayed or an alternative treatment as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the long-term implications.

Key Features

  1. You do not need to identify any new patients - we are only interested in patients that you captured during the 3-month COVIDSurg-Cancer identification window.
  2. We hope to follow-up the patient up to 3-years for renal and bladder cancer patients, and 1 year for prostate cancer patients from study entry.
  3. If you wish to take part, we would hope to collect data once per year for the duration of the study.
  4. The study will end in Summer 2023 for renal and bladder cancer patients after the final patient entered into the study reaches their 3-year endpoint. For prostate cancers the study will end in Summer 2021 after the final patient reaches their 1-year endpoint.

Click Here for Study Protocol

Your efforts in data collection will be recognised with PubMed-indexed collaborative authorship on resulting output.

Interested? Next steps:

Please confirm your participation by completing the REDCap survey link below. We’ll be in touch once you have completed this sign up form.

Click here for COVIDSurg-Cancer Urology Registration REDCap survey

Please ensure that you have kept a record locally of the identifiable Medical Record Numbers and linked REDCap IDs for all patients you entered into COVIDSurg-Cancer. This allows you or a colleague to look back at records and update results annually. You may wish to save this on a password protected hospital computer.

Review your ethical/audit/institutional review board approval with your hospital to ensure there is sufficient approvals to cover three-years for extended follow-up.

Please read through the study protocol attached above.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us on

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