BURST are proud to be coordinating a BJUI / BURST podcast series summarising NICE guidance / updates. This is an outstanding opportunity for innovative online publication for our members.

How to participate in the BJUI / BURST Podcast Series

Choose a BJUI article or NICE guidance published by BJUI that you would like to summarise – ideally choose a recent guideline or article.

Email eleanor.zimmermann@nhs.net expressing your interest, with the title of the BJUI article or NICE guidance you would like to summarise. Once your title has been confirmed as available, we will ask you to record your podcast and send the file by email to be checked.

The final podcast will be sent to BJUI for review by the editors and for sound checking prior to publication on their website.

BJUI have confirmed they will fund £100 per podcast published (maximum one payment per month).

How to create your podcast

Creating your podcast is easy. Most smartphones will have an app to record voice memos, and this file can be used as the podcast. Ensure there is no background noise, and speak slowly, directly into the microphone. Using headphones can make this easier. Remember to introduce yourself and state that your podcast is part of the BJUI / BURST podcast series. Aim to make the podcast between 2 to 5 minutes long, depending on the type of article you have chosen. Finally, make sure you listen back carefully for any errors.

We recommend listening to ‘How to record a podcast for the BJUI’ before creating your first podcast.

We look forward to receiving your voice recordings – good luck!

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