NeuroSAFE PROOF/Confocal Microscopy PhD Clinical Research Associate

Enquiries are invited for the role of Clinical Research Associate in Department of Urology University College London and honorary specialist registrar at the Department of Robotic Uro-oncology at University College Hospitals London. This unique clinical research opportunity is aligned with tuition fees for a post-graduate research degree already available. The post will commence in September 2021 and the successful applicant will be employed by UCL.

The post holder will be a key member of the NeuroSAFE PROOF study (NCT 03317990), an NIHR portfolio randomized controlled trial (RCT). They will join the study team to be involved in data collection and analysis, write up and future collaborative work which aims to improve surgical outcomes following robot-assisted radical prostatectomy by accurate prediction of extra-capsular extension. There will be a great deal of opportunity for international collaboration and travel (COVID permitting) including novel real-time digital pathology techniques.

This is a 100% FTE (i.e. full time non-banded) post for a minimum of one year, with funding currently available for up to two years should the applicant wish to study for a longer post-graduate degree. The applicant will be under direct supervision by Mr Greg Shaw (Honorary Associate Professor uro-oncology at UCL) and Professor Shonit Punwani (Professor of Magnetic Resonance and Cancer Imaging – University College London). The successful applicant will be based at the Division of Surgery & Interventional Sciences UCL (Charles Bell House) in central London. There will be an opportunity to develop into the role of Associate Principal Investigator of the NeuroSAFE PROOF trial. A good candidate will have excellent communication skills, they will be self-motivated and they will be expected to be a strong team player. There will be considerable opportunities for personal development in clinical research and governance, team leadership, medical statistics, trial design, research dissemination, grant application and prostate cancer. The applicant will be involved in the final phase of the NeuroSAFE PROOF study and as such they will be expected to be involved in the presentation and publication of research that will change urological practice around the world.

For further information about the post or the role, please contact:

Mr Greg Shaw-
Mr Eoin Dinneen-

Deadline- 1st October 2020

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