Join Us!

Join Us!

Following on from the success of IDENTIFY, MIMIC and our ongoing projects RESECT and LEARN, we are looking for several enthusiastic urology trainees/fellows/doctors interested in urology to join the committee to assist with the running of our research collaborative and our ongoing and upcoming projects! BURST is expanding everyday and we want YOU to be a part of this!

This will be a very rewarding role as you will not only gain skills in a number of key areas such as research methodology, study design, statistics, delivering clinical studies and publishing papers but you would have a chance to contribute to and lead high quality research that may change clinical practice and be recognised for this. You will also have the opportunity to network with leading clinicians in British Urology and have mentorship from the BURST family.

We are looking for flexible people with excellent team-working skills, who are self-motivated to go the extra mile and who can contribute with their own ideas. An essential criterion is having time to dedicate to projects so dedicated academic time or being out of program for research, are highly desirable qualities. Even without academic time, those who are highly committed to the BURST cause but in full time clinical jobs have previously flourished providing they have the right attitude and drive and are willing to dedicate time to BURST. Prompt electronic communication using software like Slack is essential. The advertised posts will be for up to 18 months subject to a 12-month review. Meetings are held approximately 4 times a year either over Skype or at the major UK conferences (e.g. BAUS, EAU, NRCM).


Applications open: 8th April 2021

Applications close: 21st May 2021 11:59

Shortlisting and invitation to interview: before the 11th of June 2021

Interview dates: 12th - 26th June 2021

Positions Available

General Committee Member

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There are many opportunities within BURST, and we will require members to be involved with multiple projects, including our latest international project, RESECTwhich has shown a phenomenal interest from around the world, and DETORT which will be our first interventional study. By engaging with the discussions in the formation and delivery of these, and other new projects you will attain criticalthinking and life-long research skills, as well as gain authorship on some landmark studies that we deliver.

RESECT Communications Officer

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RESECT has just launched! We will require a committee member to work closely with the RESECT team in helping to manage the communications from national and international collaborators. You will also be an integral member of the RESECT team, working with our dedicated data analyst and clinical team in tackling any problems with data collection, analysis and dissemination.

International Representative

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An exciting new opportunity for an international urology trainee looking to develop global ties and participate in international multicentre studies. This role will enable you to represent BURST on an international level and help us form stronger links with our fellow urologists around the world.

IT/Website Developer

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We are looking for those with talent and ambition to innovate the way we can implement and integrate backend database solutions with our front-end interface to optimise clinical data collection and delivery of real-time audit feedback results. We welcome you to work with the very best in the field as we strive to improve patient care at an international level.

Urology trainee - DETORT committee member

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DETORT will be our next exciting project, and one of BURST’s first interventional studies and will determine the diagnostic accuracy and utility of point of care ultrasound (POCUS) for the assessment of testicular torsion in the hands of surgical registrars with the aim of reducing the ‘negative exploration’ rate.Surgical registrars will be taught in a mentorship fashion to assess scrotal blood flow using doppler POCUS. Subsequently, we will perform a diagnostic test accuracy study to assess the sensitivity and specificity of POCUS in the hands of surgical trainees.

Committee members on this project will be involved in the development of this study and internal peer review. Furthermore, you will be working across an inter-disciplinary team to help deliver something completely new – a within study training program for the delivery of POCUS. It is expected the results of this study will change clinical practice in the UK. Not only will you attain research skills and authorship, but you will be involved in grant applications, patient and public involvement and working with a clinical trials unit. This is a great opportunity and should not be missed!

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Education co-lead

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One thing that makes BURST unique is the delivery of educational material as well as research. We have successfully delivered many podcasts and are involved with the BJUI knowledge section to provide further modules. We are looking for members who are passionate about education to bring new ideas andfurther our reach in education.

Medical Student

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Medical students have consistently played a critical role within BURST Urology. Feedback from current and previous student committee members has shown medical students not only further their academic knowledge and skills, but feel they are treated as equals and peers to the medically qualified members.

This is a great opportunity that you will not regret being involved with. We are very proud over the last year of how the medical students took their own initiative and delivered the largest study on urological education in medical training within the UK. This will no doubt inform the GMC, medical schools and the British Association of Urological Surgeons in further guidance for urological education.

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