Previous Education Co-Lead (2021): Mr Arjun K Nambiar

Arjun did his undergraduate medical training in India before coming to the UK in 2010. After a memorable and productive stint as a Clinical Research Registrar in Swansea, he is now a specialist registrar in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. He has authored a number of peer-reviewed publications in urology, is a Cochrane systematic review author and went on to become the youngest member of a European Association of Urology Guideline Panel. He is also a reviewer for European Urology, the BJUI and International Journal of Urology. His academic interests include research methodology especially pertaining to systematic reviews and critical analysis for which he has conducted workshops and tutorials both nationally and internationally. His non-urological hobbies and interests include landscape photography, tennis and football.

Previous National Site Coordinator (2021): Mr Kenneth MacKenzie

Kenneth studied medicine at the University of Dundee and completed his Foundation Training in and around Bristol. A year in Urology as a SHO in Bristol gave him his first exposure to the speciality. He moved north to Newcastle Upon Tyne for Core Training and is now progressing through Specialty Training in Urology in North East Deanery.

Kenneth is a full time clinical trainee with a keen interest in undertaking clinically based research. During his SHO year he undertook a research project assessing a novel method of assessment for a urological procedure. His interests, to date, have been in pelvic oncology and trainee assessments, for which he has presented nationally and will hope to develop these further during his speciality training. Kenneth was the Core Surgical representative for BURST during his core training and is now working as national site coordinator.

Outside of work, Kenneth has a love for all sports, particularly rugby union. Now in the retirement phase, most commonly you’ll find him consoling himself with a beer following another Scottish defeat.

Previous Medical Student Representative (2021): Keerthanaa Jayaraajan

Keerthanaa is passionate about clinical innovation to improve the quality of healthcare provision for the better, with a focus on user-centric app design. Examples of this include making app designs for: STI home-testing in collaboration with the Helix Centre in St Mary’s Hospital, NHS’s mental health service (IAPT) and BURST’s MIMIC risk calculator.

She is driven by the potential real-world application for patients and has developed entrepreneurial skills through her intercalated BSc in Healthcare Management and paediatric asthma project focusing on making inhaler adjuncts to improve inhaler technique. As part of the project, she received Jenny Higham Grant, working in collaboration with medical students in NTU in Singapore and is currently partaking in Imperial’s Entrepreneurship programme “WE Innovate.” She is excited by the prospects of medical technology having the potential to revolutionise patient care and as such, is Vice President of Imperial’s Medtech Society and an organiser of Imperial’s Health Hackathon in collaboration with NHSX and Prudential.

As a medical student representative, she is keen to learn more about research methodology and multi-centre research. She became interested in BURST after seeing how previous studies were rolled out on a large scale with the aid of collaborative research and is especially drawn to the potential of this research improving patient care. Alongside the other medical student representatives, she is keen to learn from more experienced members of the team and to promote Urology amongst medical students.Outside of work, she loves to travel to new places, spending time with family and friends and baking.

Previous Medical Student Representative (2021): William Cambridge

William is a 5th year medical student at the University of Edinburgh. He has previously completed an intercalated BMedSci in Surgical Sciences and hopes to pursue a career in academic surgery. His interests lie in surgical oncology, transplantation and collaborative research. He also sits on the STARSurg Steering Committee and is currently completing a collaborative study involving both BURST & STARSurg, exploring the rates and predictors of post-operative pulmonary complications following urological surgery. Outside of his studies, William enjoys rugby, squash and trekking along Scotland’s coastline.

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