About Us

The BURST Research Collaborative is an international research group comprising Urological trainees, medical students, core surgical trainees, consultants, methodologists and basic scientists.

The aim of the BURST Research Collaborative is to produce high impact multi-centre audit and research which can improve patient care.

How do I become a member?

To be a member of the BURST Research Collaborative all you need to do is email us. We will add you onto the emailing list.

BURST mainly comprises Urological Registrars in the UK but we welcome junior members (e.g. Foundation Year Doctors, medical students) and international members as they may be involved in projects.

If you do not have that much experience in research and are not an academic, don’t worry, the BURST Research Collaborative is ideal for you. This is a perfect opportunity for you to learn from members that do have that experience.

What are the advantages of a trainee-led Research Collaborative?

Producing high impact research as a single individual at a single centre in a short time span can be challenging.

In the conception, design and execution of a study there are many tasks and the workload can be shared amongst members of a group.

A research collaborative allows the exchange of ideas and skills between different members allowing higher quality research to be produced and allows the development of research competencies amongst the members of the group. Some of these competencies are required for achievement of CCT.

To produce appropriately powered high impact studies with high numbers of patients in a short time span, a research collaborative if often necessary.

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