What happens to an idea after it is considered by the Research Collaborative?

An example of how things can work is given below:
·      Feedback is given to the Project Lead Investigator: 
o   Is there potential to develop this idea and deliver it as part of a Research Collaborative project
o   Ways of improving idea
·      A Project Committees will be formed
·      Project Committee does a brief literature review and the results are discussed to refine the research question ensuring there is a need for the study, clarify data being collected and outcomes of interest
·      Project Committee creates a Protocol
·      Project Consultant Advisor approves Protocol

·      Project Committee involves a Research Design Service / Methodologist / Statistician / Clinical Trials Group if necessary
·      Project Committee obtains ethics approval if necessary
·      Project Committee write funding applications if necessary

·      Writing Committee may write a review on the topic for publication

·      Study piloted 
·      Study interest gauged nationally. Local Investigators assigned
·      Local investigators obtain local approvals 

·      Study launched nationally
·      Writing committee analyse results and publish paper