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What do I do if I have an idea?

1. Frame idea into simple concise statements using the Download Proposal Proforma
2. Carry out a brief literature review on the topic to establish if the topic is important, what has been done so far and what you hope to add with the study. Check if there is already a systematic review or meta-analysis on the topic.
3. Discuss an idea with a consultant Urologist who is happy to be an advisor on the project and agrees it is a good idea
4.  Refine the Project proposal form after input from Consultant
5. Email the BURST Research Collaborative with your idea or present it at a National Forum at one of our meetings

What happens to an idea after it is considered by the Research Collaborative?

An example of how things can work is given below:
·      Feedback is given to the Project Lead Investigator: 
o   Is there potential to develop this idea and deliver it as part of a Research Collaborative project
o   Ways of improving idea
·      A Project Committees will be formed
·      Project Committee does a brief literature review and the results are discussed to refine the research question ensuring there is a need for the study, clarify data being collected and outcomes of interest
·      Project Committee creates a Protocol
·      Project Consultant Advisor approves Protocol
·      Project Committee involves a Research Design Service / Methodologist / Statistician / Clinical Trials Group if necessary
·      Project Committee obtains ethics approval if necessary
·      Project Committee write funding applications if necessary
·      Writing Committee may write a review on the topic for publication
·      Study piloted 
·      Study interest gauged nationally. Local Investigators assigned
·      Local investigators obtain local approvals 
·      Study launched nationally
·      Writing committee analyse results and publish paper

Download BURST Working Principles