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  1. We are promoting a new device designed to help urological patients…

    This product is available in Europe and Canada only. Shipping is FREE to Canada and Europe.

    Over 90% of urological patients want this product, even for simple cystoscopy procedures.

    This new "nitrous oxide inhaler" gives urologists something to offer patients to help them feel better BEFORE and DURING their OFFICE PROCEDURES.

    Prostate Biopsy
    Urethral Dialation
    Incontinence Filler Injections
    Foley Cather Insertion

    The device instantly creates pain and anxiety reduction in patients. It can be used in children as young as three (3) and adults can have up to two doses.

    Shipping to FREE to Canada and Europe.

    Would you like to have a little nitrous oxide before we begin?

    The inhaler is a onetime purchase and is re-usable. After that, you only purchase the disposable gas cylinders.

    3401-20-1: STARTER KIT:
    290.00 One Inhaler (150.00) and 20 doses (at 7.00 ea)

    3401-43-1: COMPLETE KIT:
    429.00 One Inhaler (150.00) and 43 doses (at 6.50 ea)

    3401-43: REFILLS:
    280.00 43 Disposable Doses: Masks and N2O Gas Cylinders (at 6.50 ea)