I want BURST to advertise a survey

If you want to develop a methodologically robust survey with BURST's help then please see link [I want to submit an idea for a project that I want BURST to help develop and deliver].

If you just want BURST to advertise a survey, we are willing to consider advertising short surveys. We prioritize ones that we feel are clinically or educationally important. We advertise a maximum of 1 survey per month. Please complete the following form [link to download form containing boxes below] to seek approval. We apologize that we cannot approve every survey request. Please do place your request several months in advance as there may be a waiting list. For any presentations or publications that result from a survey that we simply advertise, could we please ask that BURST are mentioned in the acknowledgements.

Form: Survey advertisement request

Title of Survey

Link to complete survey:

How many questions are there in the survey?

How long does the survey take to complete?

Aim of Survey

What will you do with the information from the survey?

Who has been involved in developing the survey and what are their positions?

Email address:

Twitter tag:

Words to be used in an invitation email. Please draft in no more than 100 words the content for an email aimed at trainees which will introduce them to the survey, its purpose and ask them to complete it (we reserved the right to edit this)

What date would you ideally like the survey to be advertised?

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